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If you are currently struggling with long-covid symptoms, poor vagal tone, an autoimmune condition, chronic stress, chronic fatigue, mental health issues, substance abuse, gut health problems and/or nervous system and trauma related issues, use the application below to apply to work with me privately.

I take on a limited number of clients and require a 12-week minimum. Once you submit your application you will be contacted with next steps to book a discovery call.

This is my highest level program where you will be held accountable and work to rewrite your beliefs, overcome challenges, develop conscious behaviors, reduce toxicity and heal from trauma and nervous system dysfunction.

Health starts from within, and in this program you will break free from the conditioning that has held you back, stop self-sabotage and empower yourself to take your health into your own hands.

I've helped thousands of clients achieve true health from the inside out and have nearly 20 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

I also specialize in  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Informed Nutrition, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Recovery, Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy, and Vibrational Frequency Medicine.  

If you're ready to get to the root cause, apply below!

What Others Are Saying


"I have more awareness of myself, triggers, patterns, programming, conditioning and the reasons behind my behaviors and emotions. Overall I can see myself clearer and have so much more awareness. I now understand the programming I've taken on since childhood that were never mine to begin with that drive a lot of my behavior and thinking.

I now see the programming for perfectionism, needing to achieve and prove my worth, needing to look a certain way, thinking I'm 'too much' and the need for control.

Working with Heather has allowed me to reconnect with my inner child, develop coping skills and self-care practices that allow me to honor my needs rather than ignoring them.

I'm better able to set boundaries and know what boundaries are needed for my well-being and sanity, and I am better at asking for help. My communication skills in general, especially in my relationship, have improved as well.

I also have a better understanding of how nutrition and movement influences my mental and emotional health.

I feel like I finally know how to take control of my life by changing how I think and perceive the world around me."

Apply For Coaching

Application For Private Coaching with Heather

Thanks for your interest in working with me privately. I take on a limited number of clients for a 12-week minimum program. Please submit your application below and we will reach out to you with next steps and to schedule a discovery call.