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21 Days To Conscious Eating

Break the food rules that are breaking you

What is this program for?

  • Ditch the food "rules" and other practices that only keep you stuck, defeated and confused
  • Reduce toxin exposure, properly detox the body from harmful metals and other toxins
  • Reduce inflammation in order to boost your immune system and reduce risk of disease
  • Ditch the restriction mindset and cultivate conscious eating practices
  • Help you understand why you engage in emotional/stress eating
  • Optimize gut health, energy, mental health, stress management, sleep and mood
  • Cultivate self-acceptance and emotional well-being

What you get inside this program:

  • Downloadable PDF Guide
  • 21 Days of Lifestyle and Nutrition Guidance
  • 21 Days of Tangible Action Steps Towards a Better Life and Better Health
  • Learn How to Stop-Self Sabotage and Uncover the Root of Self-Destructive Behaviors
  • Improve your Energy, Mental Health, Mood, Gut Health and Reduce Inflammation
  • Become Your Own Health Expert
  • Printable Resources and Exercises
  • Lifetime Access

Your Body is NOT a Machine 

In our society, we've been taught to moderate our food intake based on how we want to "look", with little regard for how we want to actually feel.

We treat our body like machines, like a sum of parts, expecting that if we give it a certain number of calories and a certain amount of exercise, it will output a certain amount of weight loss.

You can't sneak your way out of conscious choices and lifestyle habits with a math equation, it doesn't work that way. You must take into consideration your hormone balance, menstrual cycle, sleep habits, stress management, level of inflammation and toxicity, gut health, movement, how well your body absorbs nutrients, and too many other lifestyle factors to name.

This program will help you become aware of how your body operates beyond just food, and how to nourish it properly.
***DISCLAIMER: This program, and the content and resources provided within it are not meant to diagnose or treat mental health and/or medical conditions. This program does not replace the care of your primary care provider or the care of a mental health expert. Please always consult your doctor and/or mental health provider before beginning a new program. By purchasing this program, you acknowledge this disclaimer and agree to disclaim this program, Heather Deranja or any of her employees from liability of any kind.