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Retrain Your Brain 8 Week Course

Break Emotional Patterns, Heal Your Nervous System, Stop Self-Sabotage and Develop Conscious Behaviors for a Healthy Lifestyle

This is an 8-Week Self Study Program where you will:

  • Understand how your environment has shaped your belief systems, stories, behaviors and habits
  • Break emotional patterns and the cycles of generational trauma
  • Heal your nervous system from traumas and chronic stress, so you can regulate your emotions and develop healthy coping skills
  • Understand and heal the emotional addiction cycle and other forms of addiction
  • Learn how your brain has been working against you, and learn how to get it to work for you so you can stop self-sabotage and develop new behaviors
  • Heal relationships, cultivate new healthy ones and also heal the relationship with yourSELF
  • Address core wounds and heal the inner child
  • Develop healthy and conscious lifestyle behaviors around sleep, nutrition, stress, gut health and hormone health

What's included?

  • 8-Weeks of Video Content
  • 8-Weeks of Breakthrough Exercises
  • Countless Resources and Guides
  • Lifetime Access

What topics are covered?

  • Belief systems and how they are formed
  • Rewiring the brain for better stories, habits and beliefs
  • Developing true self-awareness
  • Generational trauma
  • How to master self-regulation
  • The root of disease and illness
  • Trauma & the nervous system
  • The stress response
  • The inner child
  • Relationship patterns
  • Boundaries
  • Core wounds and beliefs
  • Emotional patterns, wounds and the emotional addiction cycle
  • Mental health (anxiety, depression and more)
  • Nutrition and the corruption of the food industry
  • Functional movement
  • Sleep
  • Gut health
  • Inflammation
  • Chakra system, crystals and energy healing
  • True spirituality vs false light
  • Meditation, mindfulness and manifestation
  • ....and more


What have others said about this program?

"I am blown away by the noticeable shift I've had in mindset in the last few days. I feel that I'm becoming readily able to recognize and question things- and I feel a sense of peace around it. And there have been a few things that I've interrupted, like buying a bag of candy or a cupcake to 'feel good', not automatically reacting to something my spouse said, setting a boundary at work that I've been hesitant to do. It's such a wonderful feeling."

"I am in love with every single ounce of the Retrain Your Brain program, I've learned SO MUCH ALREADY - and it's only Week 2 of diving in. The knowledge she shares is so key - but even better are the amazing TOOLS she provides in the course. It's helping me take things to a whole new level!! If any of this speaks to your soul - look into her program. It is…SO.WORTH.IT
YOU are worth it."

"I'm on day 6 of not coping with alcohol and just had to share this major win!!"

"OMG, huge mindset shift!!! I feel lighter, happier, optimistic for further growth. The brain science stuff was great insights and I believe the catalyst for my changes. I also lost a few inches...the best part - I wasn't focused on weight loss...more choosing to be healthy and introduce more daily habits to support that lifestyle I desire. It really helped shift my lens at how I view my goals, and ultimately how I can more efficiently and effectively achieve them."

"The biggest transformation for me was valuing myself, first and foremost. That was my biggest hurdle and I focused on that most to make sure I didn't fall into a loop of not taking myself into consideration to make everyone happy. I've upset a lot of people in those week's but I've also learned to be comfortable with that, in making sure I was taken care of first."

"There is not enough room to write it all. I honestly feel like a better version of myself. Having to dig deep and find the root of the problem changed my life. I had to learn to deal with the past to be able to move on. I catch myself in situations all the time where I stop and redirect my thinking patterns. This course opened my eyes in a way that I never thought possible. THANK YOU HEATHER!"


***DISCLAIMER: This program, and the content and resources provided within it are not meant to diagnose or treat mental health and/or medical conditions. This program does not replace the care of your primary care provider or the care of a mental health expert. Please always consult your doctor and/or mental health provider before beginning a new program. By purchasing this program, you acknowledge this disclaimer and agree to disclaim this program, Heather Deranja or any of her employees from liability of any kind.